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Terms and Conditions

  1. Clients must confirm that their website does not possess any duplicate sites, content or pages, redirects or doorway pages.
  2. Neither any request or exchange of links with link farms to undertake any spamming techniques that cause severe damage to the web site’s ranking.
  3. Payments are duly to be paid in advance but under any circumstances it is non-refundable after 1st month.
  4. We value our client’s belief and due to this reason we raise the refund for the same month if no adequate improvements are notable by the client.
  5. Any kind of additional charges for the third party fees are borne by the client.
  6. We only endure the work process that achieves the worthwhile results using the specified man hour.
  7. Every guarantee promised by us will immediately be voided, if the client willfully doesn’t implement the changes that are recommended by us.
  8. We adhere to strict ethical SEO practices to get rid of any participating actions of the client considering undesirable (spamming) by the search engines.
  9. Media Marketing reserves the right to use client websites, specific design layouts, etc for sales and advertising purposes also and marketing initiatives. Inclusion of portfolio on our website, case studies, promotional features as well as discrete links at the foot of the pages are instructed by the client for avoidable usage.
  10. The client cannot hold us responsible for any fault while hosting IP, concerning we suggest some good hosting companies with zero liability.
  11. Our Confidentiality Terms act as a privacy shield for our clients. But in order to receive progressive SEO services, the Client must provide the needful:
  • Website administrative access for analyzing content and structure.
  • Privileges/ Permission for making the required changes for optimization and communicating directly with the webmaster like your web designer.
  • To analyze and measure the website traffic statistics, complete access should be established over all.
  1. Cancellation of Services by the client is important to reduce any damages that may occur to the website also to the service provider. Frivolously stopping the payment on an on-going Campaign is not considered as a professional approach, therefore a cancellation letter is the best way where a prior 30 days’ of notice is mandatory to terminate the Service.
  2. With placing an order with Media Marketing, every client is bound by confirmation in the agreement with the following terms and conditions. In case you face any issue, launch a hassle free complaint providing clear information about your complaint, so that we can identify the issue you have pointed out and resolve it.
  3. Media Marketing USA doesn’t come up with any locking period but we suggest our clients stay with us for at least six months for monitoring improvements over the website.
  4. All the packages are exclusively for only Digital Marketing and not Web Development.
  5. Every suggested keyword by the service provider needs to get checked and approved by the client itself. Any delay caused in the approval process will not make us anyway responsible.
  6. To make the website search engine friendly, requirements of front-end/back-end changes shall be accomplished that are subject of approval by the client.
  7. FTP/CMS/Admin login details, may be needed if the client wants us to make the desired changes; but once the job is done the client is requested to change the login to stop further security breach.
  8. A dedicated hosting is required to prevent any virus and malware attack to the website that can be raised by the flaw of the hosting service provider.
  9. We only guarantee to work with allotted man hours under a specified duration as per the plan subscribed by the client for completing the deliverable. We generally work upon giving weekly, bimonthly and monthly reports to the clients that indicates to all the completed activities by us within that period.